What are the new expenses and fees now that you took over the claim?

After taking over a claim, B2 Kapital charges a default interest. We do not charge any additional fees or expenses on your debt.

If my account is blocked are you able to take my protected income?

If your account is blocked and you have opened a protected account, your protected income cannot be seized.

How long does it take for my account to be unblocked after I have paid my debt?

B2 Kapital takes the necessary measures immediately after the payment of the debt and sends a request for the withdrawal of the blockages to the relevant institutions (FINA, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, employer…). For further steps, we ask you for patience, as these institutions do not have a legally prescribed deadline for performing their activities when it comes to unblocking your account.

Is it possible to have my account unblocked if I pay of my debt according to the payment arrangement plan?

All previously activated collaterals and enforcement documents will be withdrawn after the payment of the related debt.

What repayment options you can offer me?

Regarding the method of repayment of your debt, we strive to be flexible and adjust the payment as much as possible to your personal financial capabilities. If you cannot pay the full amount of the debt at once, we can offer you an agreed-upon repayment plan. Also, it is possible that, as part of the arrangement for repaying your debt, a partial write-off of the debt occurs.
For more information on possible debt payment options, contact our Contact Center at +385 1 560 5540 or send an e-mail to centar@b2kapital.hr.

How is it possible that my debt has been transferred to B2 Kapital?

According to Art. 80 – Art. 86 of the Obligations Act (National Gazette 35/05, 41/08, 125/11, 78/15, 29/18, hereinafter: “ZOO“), by entering into an assignment agreement, B2 Kapital has become the holder of due and unpaid claim towards you. As a new creditor, B2 Kapital took over the process of collecting that claim. According to the ZOO, you should be notified of the assignment of the claim after it has been taken over by the billing company, but your consent to the assignment is not required.

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