B2Kapital Portfolio Management SRL has brought the Norwegian model of providing genuine financial services in collection and claims management to the Romania market. 
As our founder, Group B2Holding ASA, based in Oslo, Norway, we put a special emphasis on improving the liquidity of our clients by purchasing of overdue claims. Thanks to the international experience of the Group B2Holding ASA, as well as expertise, experience and professionalism of our employees, we ensure maximum speed and efficiency in operations to the satisfaction of all actors involved in financial operations. B2Kapital Portfolio Management SRL is flexible to market conditions and customer requirements.


Company name: 
B2Kapital Portfolio Management SRL 

Headquarters : 
4 Vasile Alecsandri and 11 Constantin Daniel streets 
The Landmark, Building C, 2nd Floor, 1st district
Bucharest, postal code: 010639, Romania

Working hours: 
Monday-Friday: 09h-18h 

Tel: +40 372 391 773
+40 372 391 790
Fax: +40 374 810 668

About Our Company:
Registration number with the Trade Registry Office: J40/2666/2016
Capital: 10.504.200 RON

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Board of directors


Ilias Malandris


Ciprian Nicolae Marinescu


Antonios Athanasiadis

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